Alenosa Campaign 1: Songs of Alenosa

Session 21: Ruins of Roan

Party travels through the Ruins of Roan, encountering a number of artifacts from the War of Man and Elf
Party fights drakes and Dakans

“Went pretty good, the party entered the dungeon they were trying to get into after the fight with the ankhegs
then found a few fire drakes inside that had built a nest, they slaughtered them and found a secret door
inside that chamber was an unfortunate party of human soldiers that had been killed during the war of elf and man some 500-600 years ago in the past (the whole area was meteor stormed during that war, such is the reason the area is called the “Telna Scar”)
found a +1 maul, +1 shortsword, and a +1 dagger, and +1 chainmail in that hoard (and a note referring back to the continent in my tuesday game)
then they continued on and ended up getting ambushed by dakans (the iellos setting’s kobold replacement creature)
which they’re still dealing with when the session ended"



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