Alenosa Campaign 1: Songs of Alenosa

Session 23: To Pel'Nea

After the young Blue Dragon had been killed in combat during the events of the last session, the party realized they were under attack once more – as a number of Dakans came into the room to kill them in retribution for slaying the dragon.

Wes was still being stabilized by Ale’Vi and Ogdus after the young knight had suffered nearly mortal wounds, and it soon fell to Eramus, Baer, Runi, and Rayer in order to fend off the attacking draconians.

During the chaos of the fight against the Dakans, Del’Dea noticed that one of her old caravan partners named Viticov was still alive, though captured and chained to the wall. She held off several attacking Dakans while the man managed to free himself, and the two rejoined the party afterwards.

The Dakans were soon beaten back by the combined actions of Eramus, Baer, Runi, and Rayer, despite the fact the draconians had let loose two guard drakes to attack the party.

Party continues Northward to Pel’Nae
Captain Ie’en meets them at Old Watch, informs them of situation that Queen Venna is now held in Pel’Nae
Party is allowed access into Pel’Nae due to Captain Ie’en and his men dispatching Pel’Nae border guards.



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