Alenosa Campaign 1: Songs of Alenosa

Session Keep Andosan

Party departs Drake Aviary after Rayer and Ale’Vi give last rites to the deceased Irregulars
Party finds the remains of the 3rd Unit of the Irregulars, determines it was a black dragon attack
Party finds Nordes in Pel’Nae Scar, wandering around after the attack
Party reaches Keep Andosan, meets up with Orra’s 2nd Unit of the Irregulars
Party breachs Keep Andosan, and attempts to negotiate with a Green Dragon
Negotiations fail, Irregulars are misled by party to attack the dragons. All are killed except Orra and Nordes, Orra escapes.
Orra ambushes party and attempts to kill them for betraying them at Keep Andosan, party captures her
Green Dragon chases down party, party leaves behind Orra to fight it, she dies
Green Dragon catches up to party and attacks. Del’Dea, Nordes, and Nele’Va are all killed in the battle, green dragon slain by Eramus.



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