Level 2 -
Strength: 13 ( +1 )
Constitution: 6 ( -2)
Dexterity: 15 ( +2 )
Intelligence: 12 ( +1)
Wisdom: 7 ( -2 )
Charisma: 11 ( 0 )
HP: 9
AC: 13

Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 27
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 170lb.

Equipment -
Padded Armor
Heavy Crossbow
40 Bolts
40 Arrows
Climber’s kit
7 Alchemist’s Fire
3 Oil Flasks


Aren was a Human Ranger in the service of Queen Venna’s Irregulars, and was a member of the 1st Company formed during the Capture of Queen Venna during AC1260. Aren was a longtime spotter for Marden, and though he was not as quite as good with the bow as Marden was, Aren was seen as a valuable man to have out in the field.

Aren was present when Queen Venna was held hostage in Norncrast during AC1257, and helped Rayer and Marden rescue her during that event.

During the events of February AC1260, Aren and the rest of the Irregulars secretly entered the Pel’Nae Kingdom in order to search for and rescue Queen Venna after her capture. In May AC1260, a Black Legion of Vas site was located that housed a Drake Aviary. Marden gave the order to destroy the site in the fear that the Legion would use the drakes as war weapons against the Tel’Na Kingdom, and Aren participated in the raid.

Aren was killed during the assault on the Aviary, having been severely wounded during the initial explosion that decimated the complex. As drakes became loose from their holding pens and began attacking the party, Aren began firing upon the drakes, saving Wes‘s life in the process. As he entered the hallway where Viticov and Del’Dea had fallen severely injured after being hit by enemy crossbow fire, Aren began to provide covering fire in order to allow others to retrieve the two wounded party members. Moments after having fired his first shot he was hit multiple times with crossbow bolts, and died instantly from his wounds.

Aren’s grave is an unmarked cross at the site of the Drake Aviary, as his body was non-recoverable from the ruins.


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