A sheppard turned pseudo-adventurer after his family was slain by the Black Legion.


Aro Dashing was a simple man, with simple life goals: Be the best Shepard that he could, and provide for his wife and young daughter. This was his plan… until his wife and daughter, along with all of his livestock and home, were destroyed by a Dragon of the Black Legion.

Aro wept for his family and swore to take revenge upon the dragon and the Black Legion, and would not stop til either he, or the Black Legion was destroyed. He soon was able to track the Dragon who destroyed his life to a keep, where he met a group of adventurers in search of their Queen. Their travels led them here, to the final location of where the Queen may have been. Aro decided to assist with the raid on the keep, and in doing so was able to learn more about fighting, and hone his skills.

By the end of the raid, Aro had helped eliminate the Black Legion keep, kill two Dragons (one being the dragon who killed his family), and struck the final blow against Orden, the Sorcerer that was holding the Queen captive, and in doing so proved himself to the party.

After a long trek, and an epic sacrifice of life by Viticov, they make it back to the capitol, where Aro is knighted for his help in saving the Queen. He is also gifted an Elven Hound as a companion.

Currently Aro is traveling with the party, helping in any way possible to stop the Black Legion, and trying to stay positive while he does it.


Alenosa Campaign 1: Songs of Alenosa Pelios