Level 2 -
Strength: 16 ( +3 )
Constitution: 12 ( +1 )
Dexterity: 18 ( +4 )
Intelligence: 8 ( -1 )
Wisdom: 7 ( -2 )
Charisma: 12 ( +1 )
HP: 15
AC: 16

Race: Narrer (Wood Elf)
Class: Wood Elf
Hair: Brown, Long Ponytail
Eyes: Gray
Age: 22
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 130lb.

Equipment -
Leather Armor
+1 Shortsword
Heavy Crossbow
20 Crossbow Bolts

Currency -
146 GP


Del’Dea was a caravan guard for the Tel’Ven Trading Company, who found herself often traversing the Tel’Na Scar region in order to protect the various caravans that the company would send from the capital city of Tel’Na to the neighboring kingdom of Pel’Nae.

During April AC1260, her caravan was attacked and destroyed by a number of reptilian humanoids known as Dinis. She, Durrs, Viticov, and several others were captured during this attack and taken as prisoners. The Dinis took these surviving captives into a small ruin inside of the Tel’Na Scar, to which the survivors were amazed to find that the reptilians were looking over a drake nesting ground.

Del’Dea was witness to the majority of her former trading partners being executed by the Dinis and their Dakan allies, leaving her with traumatic memories of the event. She and Durrs were next to be executed, and the elf could only watch on as Durrs was killed besides her. However, Del’Dea was rescued by the quick intervention of Jack, Eramus, and Content Not Found: runi, those three having dispatched the Dinis and Dakans preparing to kill her.

Del’Dea swore her life to her rescuers, and after a quick burial of Durrs and her other fellow trade partners went back in with the party to assist them in clearing out the ruins of the remaining Dakans. She saw her first dragon here, as it turned out that there was an advance unit of the Black Legion of Vas harboring a young blue dragon in the ruins in order to nurse to health. She assisted in the battled that ensued between the Legion, the draconians, and the party, and was also able to rescue her companion Viticov from captivity.

After the incident in the Tel’Na Scar, Del’Dea learned about the quest that Wes and his companions were undertaking, and decided to accompany them along during their quest.


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