Level 5 -
Strength: 17 ( +3 )
Constitution: 15 ( +2 )
Dexterity: 12 ( +1 )
Intelligence: 10 ( 0 )
Wisdom: 8 ( -1 )
Charisma: 11 ( 0 )
HP: 46
AC: 19

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 23
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

Equipment -
+1 Platemail
+3 Flametounge Longsword
Hand Crossbow
25 Bolts
Adventurer’s Kit
Winter Blanket
Grappling Hook
Signet Ring
Sealing Wax
11 Herbs

Currency -
2 PP
2013 GP
66 EP
54 SP
68 CP


Eramus is a Human Fighter, and is a Knight in the service of Queen Venna. He grew up in the capital city under the rule of the Queen. Always one for honor and a sense of justice, he enlisted to be a Royal Guard when he came of age. Many were not sure if he was going to succeed because of his human ancestry, even with a better lot in life in the region. He passed the trials to become a full knight and traveled the region of the Tel’Na Kingdom serving the Queen’s will. He eventually heard rumors of several Black Legion officers holding up in the ruins of Ana’Telas. Coming across a party of adventurers in the ruins, he remained with them through the following travels. He was present when the Queen’s castle was assaulted by the Black Legion and the Queen was captured. He is currently on the trail of the Queen in order to return her to her throne.

He has personally slain Field Commander Ragnas and Field Captain Diers of the Black Legion.
While he is a member of the Royal Guard, his current weapon is the iconic Flametongue Sword of a Black Legion Commander. The weapon is used to smite the legion, which Eramus sees as fitting retribution for the weapons foul deeds.

Eramus was in a romantic relationship with Al’Tea before she was slain in battle against a number of drakes and dragons during the search for Queen Venna. Upon his return with the Queen, he helped with a memorial to honor all those who fell in the rescue. He currently has memorialized her by encasing her dagger in a sealed box which he keeps with his possessions.


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