Level 4 -
Strength: 16 ( 0 )
Constitution: 12 ( +1 )
Dexterity: 17 ( +3 )
Intelligence: 11 ( 0 )
Wisdom: 12 ( +1 )
Charisma: 13 ( +1 )
HP: 25
AC: 16

Race: Narrer (Wood Elf)
Class: Rogue
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 200lb.

Equipment -
Leather Armor
Adventurer’s Kit

Currency -


Jack was a Wood Elf Rogue that occasionally accompanied Wes and Ogdus on their quests.

Ogdus and his party first encountered Jack during their quest to the Ana’Telas Ruins during February AC1260, finding the wood elf while he was out treasure hunting. Jack half-heartedly accompanied his new companions as they searched for Field Commander Aven of the Black Legion, and left after realizing that there was full-scale combat going on between the party and members of the Black Legion of Vas.

It is unknown what happened to Jack between the period of February to April AC1260, but it is assumed that the wood elf was captured by the Black Legion at some point during that span of time.

During the early days of April AC1260, Wes and his party managed to infiltrate the Black Legion’s forward base within the Tel’Na mountain range, though Content Not Found: runi_ and Eramus were captured when the knight lost his composure and slayed Field Commander Ragnas of the Black Legion. While the two were imprisoned within the camp, they realized that it was Jack within a nearby cellblock, who _Content Not Found: runi remembered from the events of the Ana’Telas ruins. Once the two managed to escape from their captivity, they freed Jack as well. After the party was rescued by reinforcements of the Royal Guard, Jack decided to join the party upon realizing the severity of the situation that Tel’Na was now facing.

Jack was the one to have saved Del’Dea from certain death, having found her before she was to be executed by Dinis.


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