Level 6 -
Strength: 18 ( +4 )
Constitution: 10 ( 0 )
Dexterity: 18 ( +4 )
Intelligence: 12 ( +1 )
Wisdom: 13 ( +1 )
Charisma: 13 ( +1 )
HP: 42
AC: 15

Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown
Age: 52
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 160lb.

Equipment -
Padded Armor
Heavy Crossbow
60 Arrows
40 Bolts
Adventurer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit
Grappling Hook
3 Alchemist’s Fire
4 Oil Flasks


Marden was a Human Ranger, and a Military Advisor to Queen Venna prior to the events of AC1260. Currently, he is in command of the Irregulars in the Service of Queen Venna.

Marden‘s first experiences with war were during the 1st War of The Black Reign in the AC1220’s. While he was just 14, Marden showed extreme confidence in his abilities with the longbow, and went on during that war to protect the Tel’Na region from invading Black Legion troops and their draconian allies. During that time, Marden managed to slay a red dragon and a blue dragon that had been introduced to the region by the Black Legion – an act that Queen Venna saw fit to promote the young huntsman into a military career after the war.

Marden became a decorated veteran after the 1st War of the Black Reign, and continued on in his service of Queen Venna as the Pel’Nae/Tel’Na War broke out in AC1230. The huntsman continued to protect the region from the invading forces of the Pel’Nae Kingdom, and indeed his command of guerrilla tactics helped him and the forces under his command to successful starve off the invading troops with minimal casualties.

Marden continued to patrol the northern border of the Tel’Na region for years after the Pel’Nae/Tel’Na War, acutely aware of the ever-burning hostile nature between the two Kingdoms. He and his units of Irregular forces continued to push aside probing efforts by Pel’Nae scouts, and launched many successful forays into the Pel’Nae region itself to prevent hostilities from rising to a point of war once more.

Marden was personally requested by Queen Venna to escort her on her trip to Norncrast in AC1257, where he met Rayer of the Order of Ataros. Queen Venna was held hostage as diplomatic talks between the Tel’Na Kingdom and the Kingdoms of Norncrast failed, however Marden was able to lead a successful campaign against the opposing forces of Norncrast, and with Rayer managed to rescue Queen Venna from her captivity in Norncrast.

Over the years Marden became extremely proficient in hunting the various Drakes and other draconians that were leftover from the 1st War of The Black Reign, becoming one of the leading experts of Alenosa in regards to dealing with the draconian threat. He also become the most decorated civilian in the history of Tel’Na, having served Queen Venna in secret for years as a ranger and as an adviser to her regular conventional forces.

Queen Venna was again captured during the Sacking of Tel’Na in February AC1260, and Marden took it upon himself to rescue the Queen from her captivity. He lead three units of the Irregular forces into the Pel’Nae region, which he was able to determine had now signed a peace treaty with the Black Legion of Vas, and was actively allowing the Legion to hold Queen Venna as a hostage within their borders. Before he was able to lead the rescue to save the Queen, however, Marden was able to determine that the Black Legion had also been silently operating several sites in Pel’Nae for years after the 1st War of the Black Reign ended, and was preparing a new flock of Drakes and other creatures for use in a new war against the Tel’Na Kingdom.

Marden led a somewhat successful raid against the Legion’s Drake Aviary within the Pel’Nae Scar in the early days of May AC1260 with the help of Wes’s party, but suffered the loss of his entire squad of men during the assault on the Aviary.

Marden then led Wes‘s party to Keep Andosan within the Pel’Nae Scar, having come across the remains of the 3rd Unit of the Irregulars along the way. Despite the sheer losses his company had suffered, Marden continued to lead the party to Keep Andosan in order to meet up with Orra’s 2nd Unit and breach Keep Andosan.

Marden was killed during the events of May AC1260, as he and the remaining 2nd Unit of the Irregulars aided the party to enter Keep Andosan. His troops prematurely entered the complex while the party was negotiating with a Green Dragon, and the majority of the 2nd Unit were killed within seconds by the Green Dragon and a number of Black Dragon hatchlings.

Marden held off these hatchlings while giving the survivors of the 3rd Unit and the breaching party time to retreat from the Keep, most likely saving the lives of many of his comrades. As Marden stayed inside the Keep in order to hold off the remaining hatchlings, he was unaware the hatchlings were coordinating their attacks with the Green Dragon, which managed to ambush him from behind during the fray. He managed to say his last words of “Ahh, you tricked me…” as he turned around to face the dragon, but was quickly mauled and killed by the beast.


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