Level 2 -
Strength: 9 ( -1 )
Constitution: 5 ( -3 )
Dexterity: 16 ( +3 )
Intelligence: 9 ( -1 )
Wisdom: 13 ( +1 )
Charisma: 10 ( 0 )
HP: 4
AC: 14

Race: Narrer (Wood Elf)
Class: Fighter
Hair: Black, Medium
Eyes: Brown
Age: 30
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 140lb.

Equipment -
Cloth Armor
Heavy Crossbow
40 Arrows
40 Bolts
Climber’s kit
1 Alchemist’s Fire
4 Oil Flasks


Nae’Ven was a Wood Elf Fighter who served under Marden’s Irregulars in the service of Queen Venna.

After Queen Venna‘s capture in February AC1260, Nae’Ven served in the Irregulars unit in order to find the location of the Queen, and eventually rescue her when she was found.

During the events of May AC1260, a Black Legion site that housed a Drake Aviary was found by his unit, and Nae’Ven was one of those who raided the enemy base.

Nae’Ven was killed during the assault on the Drake Aviary, having helped the party escape the Aviary as the Black Legion’s forces fired upon them. After providing covering fire with his crossbow to ensure the party was able to escape, Nae’Ven rescued Viticov from heavy enemy crossbow fire before he was hit several times in the back himself. Nae’Ven died instantly from his wounds, but Viticov managed to survive the battle due to the Wood Elf’s assistance.

Nae’Ven’s grave was an unmarked cross at the site of the Drake Aviary, as his body was non-recoverable from the ruins.


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