Nordes was a Human Fighter, and served in the Irregulars of Queen Venna. He was one of those who secretly entered the Pel’Nae Kingdom to search for the Queen when she was captured by the Black Legion in February AC1260.

In late April AC1260, Nordes was the sole surviving member of the 3rd Unit of the Irregulars after they had come under attack by a Black Dragon, and wandered around the Pel’Nae wastes severely wounded and confused afterwards. Wes‘s party and Marden came across the messenger in the early days of May AC1260 as he wandered the wastes in confusion, and learned about the 3rd Unit’s fate from him.

Nordes was present during the raid on Keep Andosan in the middle of May AC1260, though he was recovering from his wounds and did not participate in the breaching party.

Days afterwards, Wes‘s party was ambushed by the Green Dragon they had faced in Keep Andosan. The dragon used it’s poisonous breath against the party’s wagon, and Nordes was killed almost instantly as he was incapacitated within the wagon by the attack and succumbed to his wounds.


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