Level 2 -
Strength: 4 ( -3 )
Constitution: 9 ( -1 )
Dexterity: 5 ( -3 )
Intelligence: 18 ( +4 )
Wisdom: 9 ( -1 )
Charisma: 9 ( -1 )
HP: 16
AC: 11

Race: Gnome
Class: Fighter
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 37
Height: 3’8"
Weight: 110lb.

Equipment -
Padded Armor
Hand Crossbow
40 Bolts
Climber’s Kit
4 Alchemist’s Fire
10 Oil Flasks


Orrs was a Gnome Fighter who served under Marden’s Irregulars in the service of Queen Venna, and was noted by his peers as being an expert with numbers.

After Queen Venna‘s capture in February AC1260, Orrs and the rest of the Irregulars unit secretly entered the Pel’Nae Kingdom in order to search for and rescue the Queen.

During the events of May AC1260, a Black Legion site that housed a Drake Aviary was found by his unit, and Orrs was one of those who raided the enemy base. Orrs was able to determine that it would take 60 pounds of explosives to destroy the site, and carried the explosives on him during the assault.

Orrs was killed during the assault, as an attempt to fool Field Captain Dorren of the Black Legion of Vas went awry. Orrs and his companions managed to convince the rank and file that the party were trainers sent by the Legion to train the drakes. As Field Captain Dorren outed the Gnome as an enemy invader, Orrs attempted to prematurely detonate the explosives in order to eliminate the entire base with him. The fuse malfunctioned, however, and with the last words “Light me ablaze!”, the Gnome convinced Viticov to throw a Alchemist’s Fire container at him. Orrs was engulfed in flames soon afterwards, and the resulting explosive killed Field Captain Dorren and the majority of his drakes and troopers.

Orrs’s theory about the amount of explosives needed to destroy the Aviary were proven post-humorously, as the site quickly collapsed in the aftermath of his death.

Orrs’s grave was an unmarked cross at the site of the Drake Aviary, as his body was non-recoverable from the ruins.


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