+1 Magic Broadsword.
Glows red while wielded in combat, and voices can be heard coming from the blade.

Originally was a Wood Elf, with red hair and green eyes.


Sia’Ni was a Wood Elf Ranger, and a fellow stableperson who worked with Wes while he was a squire. Sia’Ni was an orphaned child but loved to tend to the horses, and after catching her several times in the stables, Queen Venna saw to it that the elf was kept on and made a member of her staff.

During their time together Wes fell in love with the elf, but the day after he was knighted the Kingdom of Tel’Na came under attack by the Black Legion of Vas. As Queen Venna was tending to the Royal stables during the attack she rescued Sia’Ni and brought her into the Royal Chambers, but both were captured by Orden. As Wes and [[:runi | Runi made their way into the Chambers to assist the Queen, the young knight was horrified to watch on as Orden trapped Queen Venna within an orb, holding Sia’Ni in his clutches. Outraged, Wes attempted to slay the Sorcerer but was beaten back by the sorcerer’s magic, and in a measure of spite trapped Sia’Ni within Wes’s broadsword after he had dropped it in their battle. Soon afterwards Orden escaped with Queen Venna still trapped within the orb, but did not bother to claim the broadsword.

Having initially thought Sia’Ni had been killed, Wes was overjoyed to realize that she had been trapped within his broadsword instead. Regardless, there was no immediate way to return her into her normal form – and Wes’s mission to slay Orden is as much of a quest for revenge as it is a rescue mission to retrieve his queen.


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