Alenosa Campaign 1: Songs of Alenosa

Session 15: Into the Tel'Na Mountain Range

Party travels to the Tel’Na Mountain Range to the north in search of the Black Legion
Party enters the Rossa Cavern
Party encounters K’Chulas

Session 14: Liberation of Queen's Keep

Party runs into Giant Nocsune planted by the Black Legion
Party rescues remaining survivors of Queen Venna‘s Royal Guard
Queen’s Keep is liberated from the control of the Black Legion
Kel’Kea stays with the survivors at the Keep in order to hold it until reinforcements arrive.

Session 13: Deeper into Queen's Keep

Party comes under attack by more elements of the Black Legion, rescuing several members of Queen Venna’s royal guard with Kel’Kea’s assistance.

Session 12: The Queen's Keep

Party meets Baer
Party runs into Jack once more
Party runs into Nocsune planted by the Black Legion

Session 11: Journey To Queen's Keep

Party travels in search of the Black Legion unit that captured Queen Venna
Party eventually comes across the Queen’s Keep to the northeast of the Kingdom
Party meet Na’Ven and Kel’Kea, who help them breach into the Keep
Na’Ven is killed by a Dak’Rahn of the Black Legion during the breach.

Session 10: Capture of Queen Venna

Queen Venna captured by [[:nordad | Nordad].

Session 9: Trip to Tel'Na Kingdom

Party travels to Tel’Na Kingdom.

The Party met Kia’Sa and Nel’Tea on the High Road to Tal’Visa, having found the two Druids wandering around outside the town limits with little coin or equipment. The party outfitted them before departing Tal’Visa, as per Runi‘s and Ale’Vi’s insistence.

Session 8: Death of Field Commander Aven, Return to Del'Ven

Field Commander Aven killed by Ogdus
Field Captain Diers killed by Eramus
Black Dragon escapes
Party returns to Del’Ven
Ale’Vi revived

Session 7: The Dragon's Den

Party travels to the Dragon’s Den after Field Commander Aven and Field Captain Diers
Party fights a giant aberath, several Black Legion guards.

Session 6: Ruins of Ana'Telas

Runi meets Rayer, nurses him back to health
Rayer and Runi escape captivity and return to Ogdus‘s party.
Party fights Field Commander Aven and Field Captain Diers, who retreat to the Black Dragon’s den.


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