Alenosa Campaign 1: Songs of Alenosa

Session Keep Andosan

Party departs Drake Aviary after Rayer and Ale’Vi give last rites to the deceased Irregulars
Party finds the remains of the 3rd Unit of the Irregulars, determines it was a black dragon attack
Party finds Nordes in Pel’Nae Scar, wandering around after the attack
Party reaches Keep Andosan, meets up with Orra’s 2nd Unit of the Irregulars
Party breachs Keep Andosan, and attempts to negotiate with a Green Dragon
Negotiations fail, Irregulars are misled by party to attack the dragons. All are killed except Orra and Nordes, Orra escapes.
Orra ambushes party and attempts to kill them for betraying them at Keep Andosan, party captures her
Green Dragon chases down party, party leaves behind Orra to fight it, she dies
Green Dragon catches up to party and attacks. Del’Dea, Nordes, and Nele’Va are all killed in the battle, green dragon slain by Eramus.

Session 23: To Pel'Nea

After the young Blue Dragon had been killed in combat during the events of the last session, the party realized they were under attack once more – as a number of Dakans came into the room to kill them in retribution for slaying the dragon.

Wes was still being stabilized by Ale’Vi and Ogdus after the young knight had suffered nearly mortal wounds, and it soon fell to Eramus, Baer, Runi, and Rayer in order to fend off the attacking draconians.

During the chaos of the fight against the Dakans, Del’Dea noticed that one of her old caravan partners named Viticov was still alive, though captured and chained to the wall. She held off several attacking Dakans while the man managed to free himself, and the two rejoined the party afterwards.

The Dakans were soon beaten back by the combined actions of Eramus, Baer, Runi, and Rayer, despite the fact the draconians had let loose two guard drakes to attack the party.

Party continues Northward to Pel’Nae
Captain Ie’en meets them at Old Watch, informs them of situation that Queen Venna is now held in Pel’Nae
Party is allowed access into Pel’Nae due to Captain Ie’en and his men dispatching Pel’Nae border guards.

Session 22: Deeper Into The Ruins of Roan

Party fights more drakes, Dakans, and Dinis
Party finds Durrs and Del’Dea about to be executed by Dakans
Durrs is killed by Dini, Del’Dea is rescued
Party encounters scout party of Black Legion, nursing a young blue dragon to health
Party kills scout party, slays dragon

Session 21: Ruins of Roan

Party travels through the Ruins of Roan, encountering a number of artifacts from the War of Man and Elf
Party fights drakes and Dakans

“Went pretty good, the party entered the dungeon they were trying to get into after the fight with the ankhegs
then found a few fire drakes inside that had built a nest, they slaughtered them and found a secret door
inside that chamber was an unfortunate party of human soldiers that had been killed during the war of elf and man some 500-600 years ago in the past (the whole area was meteor stormed during that war, such is the reason the area is called the “Telna Scar”)
found a +1 maul, +1 shortsword, and a +1 dagger, and +1 chainmail in that hoard (and a note referring back to the continent in my tuesday game)
then they continued on and ended up getting ambushed by dakans (the iellos setting’s kobold replacement creature)
which they’re still dealing with when the session ended"

Session 20: Entering The Tel'Na Scar

Party enters Tel’Na Scar
Party ambushed by Ankhegs
Party finds Ruins of Roan, and enter

Session 19: Escape To The Tel'Na Scar

Party rescued by Royal Guard led by Captain Ie’en
Party locates battle plans for Black Legion, indicating plans to take Queen Venna to the neighboring Kingdom of Pel’Nae
Party heads to Tel’Na Scar in pursuit of Black Legion
Party is ambushed by Bounty Hunters along way, one hesitates and is shot by his companions
When combat is over, Runi that this was Finn, her old traveling companion

Session 18: Breaching The Black Legion Forward Base

Runi manages to sneak into the Black Legion’s Forward Base
Runi manages to kill/procure enough cover so that all of the party may enter the compound disguised as Black Legion troopers
Runi and Eramus manage to find their way to speak to Field Commander Ragnas, the commander in charge of the base
Eramus slays Field Commander Ragnas in revenge for the attacks on Tel’Na
Runi, Eramus imprisoned for their murder of Field Commander Ragnas, find Jack in a nearby cell
Rayer leads rest of party on a rescue mission to retrieve Runi and Eramus

Session 17: Discovery of the Black Legion Forward Base

Party exits Rossa Cavern in search of Black Legion
Party finds two sites where battles occurred – both times the Tel’Na troops lost
Party finds abandoned Wood Elf village
Party finds abandoned trade caravan on the Highroad
Party manages to find a wounded Black Legion knight while investigating the caravan
Party is now aware of the Black Legion Forward Base, and head out to scout it out.

Session 16: The Rossa Cavern

Party finds remains of an old exploration party from Norncrast (AC1100s)
Party encounters more K’Chulas
Party fights off bears


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