Alenosa Campaign 1: Songs of Alenosa

Session 1: Raid on Tal'Visa and Journey To Cave Of The Coven

Ogdus arrives to the Ielrerian town of Tal’Visa during the middle of September AC1259. After having sold the majority of his trade goods and lumber from his home, he sells his cart and mule in order to purchase the equipment and weapons he needs to start an adventuring life.

Shortly after having put on his chainmail for the first time, Ogdus meets Ale’Vi while she’s wandering about and speaking with locals about her goddess Nelas. Ogdus is immediately smitten by the High Elf, and after a short introduction is pleased that Ale’Vi has taken a liking to him. The two enter the town’s tavern, and meet Runi, who had recently arrived to Alenosa after fleeing from her home in Norncrast during the past year. Despite the fact that Via’Ni the tavern owner is displeased with the Vanrer wasting time in her tavern, Ale’Vi and Ogdus makes aquaintance with Runi. The three spend a good amount of time in the tavern, much to Via’Ni’s dismay.

In the late evening, Field Commander Aven of the Black Legion of Vas launches a surprise raid of Tal’Visa, in order to lay waste to the town in order to force Queen Venna of the Tel’Na Kingdom to start negotiations with the Black Legion. As the town’s mayor Ior’Ven attempted to rally his citizens to fight back against the invaders, Field Commander Aven slayed the elf in front of Ior’Ven‘s daughter Ael’Si, the Black Legion commander using a greataxe that eminated a golden light.

Ale’Vi, Ogdus, and Runi become aware of the attack soon after they notice people fleeing from the town square, and headed out in order to fight off the invaders. Ogdus found his first actual fight rather frightening as it was nowhere near anything like the forestry work he did beforehand, but was surprised to find that Ale’Vi and Runi were relatively well-experienced fighters. During their fight they came across Ebony, who was using her fire spells in order to hedge the invading Black Legion troopers away from the town. Ale’Vi assisted the High Elven Wizard by caling upon Nelas in order to summon gusts of wind to blow away the invaders, while Ogdus and Runi fought off the straglers in melee combat.

Field Commander Aven soon noticed the majority of his troops were retreating, and went to personally fight off the defenders. Ogdus attempted to duel the Legion’s commander, but Field Commander Aven beat down the dwarf in combat. However, Ale’Vi and Ebony’s combined magic soon caused a hazardous situation that threatened to burn Field Commander Aven to death in the field he was fighting in, and so the Commander reluctantly withdrew the battle.

Ael’Si mourned the passing of her father Ior’Ven during the rest of the night, but in the morning was extremely greatful that Ale’Vi, Ebony, Ogdus, and Runi had prevented Tal’Visa from being destroyed by the Legion. After some encouragement from Ebony, Ael’Si took on the duty of acting as the mayor of the town after her father’s passing. Soon afterwards she presented the party a +1 Dagger, which Runi gladly accepted and named “Iorven’s Rage” to remind her of the incident.

Unwilling to let the surviving members of the Legion raid party to go unpunished, Ale’Vi was able to determine the general way that the enemy took, and requested that Ogdus follow her. Ogdus gladly accepted the request, and Ebony and Runi decided to join them on the journey.

As the party traveled northwards after the Black Legion party, they came across a small band of strange reptilians in the middle of the high road they were traveling on. Ale’Vi was able to determine that these were Dinis, or primitive retilian humanoids. Despite not wanting to fight these reptilians, the Dinis began to chase after the party and they were forced into combat against them. After a short battle the party was able to quickly defeat the Dinis, and Runi found that one of them was carrying +1 Leather Armor in it’s backpack which she quickly took for herself. The party also found a +1 Spear among their goods, which they took as well.

After several more days of travel within the southern Great Forest of Tel’Na they found the Narrer (Wood Elf) village of Cra’Va, where they sold the +1 Spear they had found to a Gnome merchant. The merchant and several other elves inform the party that there was activity by black clad soldiers further up in the forest nearby a local cavern, and so the party decided to investigate further.

After a couple more days of travel, the party came across the cavern, and camped outside it for the night. In the morning Ogdus accidentally interrupted Ale’Vi’s prayer rituals, and after the unfortunate incident the party entered the cavern.

Session 2: Cave Of The Coven and Journey To The Tel'Na Watch

Party fights Aberaths, Spiders
Party comes across Witches loyal to Black Legion in cavern
Party spares 1 witch, who informs them of the Tel’Na Watch

Session 3: The Tel'Na Watch

Party enters Tel’Na Watch, flanked by a Gargoyle-lined pathway
Party finds various items in storerooms
Party kills Black Legion guard guarding Armor
Party fights Black Legion
Party fights Dinis and Gels
Party rescues Al’Tea and Nele’Va, Darg, Treldar
Party fights Field Commander Aven, Nordad, and Black Dragon
Ale’Vi killed by Fireball, Nordad killed by Ogdus, Field Commander Aven escapes with dragon.

Session 4: Procession to Del'Den, Journey To Ana'Telas

Ogdus has Ale’Vi‘s body interred at Del’Den
Ogdus learns of possibility of being able to revive Ale’Vi, goes on a suicide mission to kill Field Commander Aven and retrieve the Commander’s Amulet of Wishes
Party treks out to Ana’Telas Swamp
Party encounters Dakans and Black Legion Patrols
Darg and Treldar are killed when Black Dragon ambushes the party

Session 5: Breaching the Ruins of Ana'Telas

Party enters Ruins of Ana’Telas
Party meets Jack
Party fights Dinis, Snakemen, giant Aberath and Bass, and Black Legion Troops.
Party and Black Legion fight giant Ataga
Runi is captured and tortured by Field Commander Aven

Session 6: Ruins of Ana'Telas

Runi meets Rayer, nurses him back to health
Rayer and Runi escape captivity and return to Ogdus‘s party.
Party fights Field Commander Aven and Field Captain Diers, who retreat to the Black Dragon’s den.

Session 7: The Dragon's Den

Party travels to the Dragon’s Den after Field Commander Aven and Field Captain Diers
Party fights a giant aberath, several Black Legion guards.

Session 8: Death of Field Commander Aven, Return to Del'Ven

Field Commander Aven killed by Ogdus
Field Captain Diers killed by Eramus
Black Dragon escapes
Party returns to Del’Ven
Ale’Vi revived

Session 9: Trip to Tel'Na Kingdom

Party travels to Tel’Na Kingdom.

The Party met Kia’Sa and Nel’Tea on the High Road to Tal’Visa, having found the two Druids wandering around outside the town limits with little coin or equipment. The party outfitted them before departing Tal’Visa, as per Runi‘s and Ale’Vi’s insistence.

Session 10: Capture of Queen Venna

Queen Venna captured by [[:nordad | Nordad].


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