Tag: Civilian


  • Durrs

    Was trapped with [[:del-dea | Del'Dea]] in a series of ruins within the Tel'Na Scar. Durrs was killed by a Dini, though [[:del-dea | Del'Dea]] was saved by the party.

  • Sia'Ni

    Sia'Ni was a Wood Elf Ranger, and a fellow stableperson who worked with [[:wes | [[:wes | Wes]] while he was a squire. Sia'Ni was an orphaned child but loved to tend to the horses, and after catching her several times in the stables, Queen Venna saw to it …

  • Ior'Ven

    Ior'Ven was a Wood Elf and the mayor of Tal'Visa until January AC1260, when he was killed by [[:field-commander-aven | Field Commander Aven]] when the Black Legion conducted a surprise raid on the town in order to force negotiations with Queen Vena of Tel …