Battle Of Kingdom Tel'Na

Kingdom Of Tel’Na Kingdom Of Pel’Nea
Kingdom Of Ahrea Black Legion Of Vas
Republic Of Ia’Nellsa
Commanders and Leaders
Queen Venna King Errades (KIA)
King Windsor The 2nd Field Commander Addar
Lord Enor Fia’Pas
7,200 men 13,000 men
100 Drakes 300 Drakes
1 Red Dragon
Casualties and Losses
587 men 736 men

Major Events of Battle Of Kingdom Tel’Na

King Errades of the Kingdom of Pel’Nea was killed in this battle.
King Errades’ Escort was eliminated as a combat unit.
The 1st Company of the Pel’Nea 1st Battalion was eliminated as a combat unit.

The 1st Company of the Queen’s Guard was eliminated as a combat unit.
The 1st Company of the Tel’Na 1st Battalion was eliminated as a combat unit.


King Errades of Pel’Nea was made king a mere day after word of his father King Arroden’s passing during the infamous Slaughter of the Oak Crowns. After the Rela Council had ended in a battle against Lord Vanatos of the Black Legion of Vas, it became apparent that a man by the name of Rowley had slain King Arroden before being slain by Lord Vanatos himself. After Vanatos was able to confirm to Errades that Rowley was the man who had killed his father, the Lord of the Black Legion was also able to confirm that Rowley had been attached to Queen Venna‘s personal escort during the final Rela Council meeting – signifying that the man had acted upon the Kingdom of Tel’Na’s accord. Taking the action as an act of war, King Errades began mounting up the majority of reserve battalions under his father’s command in order to march upon the capital city of Tel’Na and force Queen Venna‘s surrender to the Kingdom of Pel’Nea for the slight. In accordance of the agreements established between the Black Legion of Vas and the Kingdom of Pel’Nea, Lord Vanatos appointed Field Commander Addar in charge of an division of the Legion’s forces to assist in the siege of the Tel’Na capital.

The majority of the Queen Venna‘s seven divisions were already assigned to the northern Pel’Nea-Tel’Na border in the weeks before the battle, leaving only the Queen’s 1st Division and associated battalions to be within the region of the Queen’s Keep and the Tel’Na Capital. The Queen’s 1st Battalion was the only battalion Tel’Na to be at full strength during the battle, the 2nd Battalion only having the command company present in the Capital and the other four Battalions of the 1st Division being spread out in an encircled defense of the capital.

As Pel’Nea and Tel’Na were under a peace agreement that was enacted for the Rela Council to convene, by the time King Errades’ 1st Division was moving across the border the majority of Tel’Na troops positioned on the border were unable to make any attacks against them. After convening with the commanders of the 2nd and 3rd Divisions of the Tel’Na Kingdom informing them of his supposed attempts of negotiations with Queen Venna, King Errades was able to march his full division past the northern front line and into the heart of the Tel’Na kingdom itself. At the same time Field Commander Addar launched a full attack on the barely defended eastern front line of the Tel’Na-Pel’Nea border with his division of Black Legion troops, leaving the 7th Division of the Tel’Na Kingdom utterly wiped out. During the breach, the Legion was able to march within 20 miles of the Tel’Na Capital unopposed with the thin defenses of the Tel’Na kingdom, and with multiple coordinated efforts with Legion spies were able to destroy all secret exits that would have allowed Queen Venna to escape her castle in the event of it falling to enemy hands. Field Commander Addar commanded his troops to wait until the Pel’Nae army had marched upon the capital of Tel’Na, intending to launch a surprise attack upon the eastern defenses of the capital.

Responding to Queen Venna‘s request for assistance sent nearly four months beforehand, King Windsor the 2nd and Lord Enor of Ahrea had finally reached the southern border of Tel’Na. Their advance had been stopped due to the concerns of the southern kingdom of Na’Ves.

Battle Of Kingdom Tel'Na

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